Our Commitment We are committed to the following values while we work on your website:

  • We Will Value Your Time. We will always respond quickly to your questions & requests and will do everything in our power to build your website in a timely manner. 
  • We Will Serve With Excellence. We don’t cut corners, do sloppy work or leave t’s uncrossed. We will honor you by giving our very best to building your site. 
  • We Hope to Make You a ‘Raving Fan.’ We aren’t pressuring you to be that way. We just plan to serve in such a way that you find yourself telling others about the great experience you had with us.
  • We Will Help YOU Make a Difference. We believe your website can be a key ingredient for your success as an organization. Whatever need your trying to meet we want to help you make a difference.

The Process

  • Step 1: Invoice for 1/2 of web services. We’ll send you an invoice for the first half of the website build costs.
  • Step 2: Sign up for web hosting with Bluehost.com & send us the password. We will send you exact instructions on how to sign up for web hosting with Bluehost (if you’re not signed up to use them already.) Once you have done that, you will send us the username/password so that we can begin building your website. (Note: you will incur additional costs by registering with Bluehost not included in our prices.)
  • Step 3: We build your website. If available, we’ll use your current website for content and will recommend changes to the overall menu structure and some content as we build it. You do not have to take down your old website while you wait for us to build your new one. Website rebuilds usually take us between 2-3 weeks to complete. If you do not have a website, we will work closely with you on building the content you need.
  • Step 4: Training. We will provide basic training to you or someone on your team on how to manage & update your new website. Once trained, it’s about as easy as updating a Microsoft Word document. We will also give you access to a web page that includes video tutorials. We will remain available on a limited basis after the website is live for technical support. You may also opt to hire us for ongoing web support, if you prefer.
  • Step 5: Go live. After your team has tweaked the site to your liking, we’ll make the switches necessary so that when people browse to your current website address, it points to the new website instead of your old one. Then you will contact whoever is hosting your current site and let them know you’re all done utilizing their services.
  • Step 6: Invoice for second 1/2 of web services. Once that’s done, we’ll invoice you for the rest of the payment for web services.