right-cropped2Hi. My name is Wayne Hedlund. I am a professional blogger, speaker, organizational strategist & coach. I have been instrumental in developing and implementing strategic improvements for organizations and local churches my entire adult life. If you’d like to learn more about what makes me tick, check out my website at www.waynehedlund.org.

I started TL SITES in 2013 quite by accident. I started to notice that some great local churches and small businesses had some ‘not so great’ websites. To be honest, many of them were quite embarrassing. It became obvious to me that what the rest of the community saw on those websites didn’t come close to reflecting their excellence, service and passion to help others.

Attempting to address the issue usually didn’t help. It’s one thing to tell a leader they should really get their site updated. It’s another thing altogether to expect them to get it done, despite their deep desire to do so. The fact is, websites are often forgotten or neglected because leaders already have too many irons in the fire or simply don’t have the expertise to build or maintain them. It can be very overwhelming to try to figure out what to do to get the website fixed.

So I decided to offer a solution. I began TL Sites (the TL stands for ‘Transforming Leader”) to offer web services to churches and small businesses who are struggling with developing & maintaining their organizational website. I take pride in each website I develop and am committed to ensuring my clients are truly happy with their new website. Check out ‘What To Expect‘ to get a feel for my values and how I will ensure you are a happy customer.